Femme Inspired #4 - Florence Sabin

"I hope my studies may be an encouragement to other women, especially to young women, to devote their lives to the larger interests of the mind. It matters little whether men or women have the more brains; all we women need to do to exert our proper influence is just to use all the brains we have."

– Florence Sabin, accepting the Pictorial Review achievement award in 1929
1901 -published An Atlas of the Medulla and Midbrain
1902 - named assistant in Anatomy at 
1924 -  First woman elected president of the American Association of Anatomists
1925 - First woman  elected to the National Academy of Sciences
1925 - First woman to be appointed a full member at the Rockefeller Institute where she made major contributions to understanding tuberculosis
1944 -  Health Committee of Colorado's Post-War Planning Committee Chair
1947 - Manager of the Denver Department of Health and Charities until 1951. 
1959 - The State of Colorado honored her by placing a statue of Sabin in the National Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol.
Florence Sabin, you are a  B  A  D  A  S  S !!
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