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Some of us are born with the luxury of resource and acceptance, but many are not.  Some of us face obstacles that we just to have accept and overcome.  The women highlighted in these books didn't wait for anyone to provide acceptance or resources - they created their own way.  They are badass trailblazers that inspire me everyday.

Ace & Spade Co. honors these iconic women that participated in shaping the world we live in.  If they tell us anything, it's that we are all unstoppable.  

P.S.  these books are amazing - every child should have one:
  • 100 Women Who Made History - Stella Caldwell, Clare Hibbert, Andrea Mills, Rona Skene
  • The Illustrated Feminist - Aura Lewis
  • 50 Fearless Women Who Made American History - Jenifer Bazzit


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