Ace’s Berry Sage Monster

Sage is what makes this drink. It's sweet with berries and has that extra depth that every good drink does. The beauty about it is that it doesn't require exact measurements, you like it a little stronger? Add some more vodka, you like it on the sweet side? Add a little more sage simple syrup.


Sage Simple Syrup

  • Equal parts sugar & water
  • Simmer until dissolved (stir slowly)
  • Add 5 fresh sage leaves
  • After a minute, remove the pan from heat and let the sage leaves steep for up to an hour
  • Remove the leaves
  • Store in an airtight container

Here’s the drink: Vodka, frozen berries (any kind you like), sage simple syrup, and ice - add it all to a martini shaker, and shake it up! Add fresh sage leaves to garnish.

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