Femme Inspired #2 Bessie Coleman

Like other Femme Inspired women, Bessie Coleman is an ahhh-mazing trailblazer.  I didn't know a lot about her at first but she is one of those people that are true inspirations. Truth be told, I sometimes look to her story to put the wind back in my sails.

Also knows as "Brave Bess" or "Queen Bess", she was born in Atlanta, Texas on January 26, 1892. Her grandparents were slaves, her parents were sharecroppers and as a child she walked 4 miles each way to go to a segregated one-room schoolhouse. She paved her own way to becoming the first black female pilot in the world and became an famous aviator! 

Fun Facts:  

  • The Bessie Coleman stamp was issued on April 27, 1995.  Yes, she has her image on a stamp!
  • June 15, 1921, she received her international pilot's licence (in France)
  • In 1925, she was back in the States but wouldn't appear in places where there was still segregation.

She is a super important person in American History from so many perspectives.  Queen Bess, you're a true B  A  D  A  S  S !!

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