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Femme Inspired #2 Bessie Coleman

Like other Femme Inspired women, Bessie Coleman is an ahhh-mazing trailblazer.  I didn't know a lot about her at firs...

Femme Inspired #3 - Lucretia Mott

Lucretia Mott was born on January 3, 1793, in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  She was a Civil Right's Activist, a Women's ...

Femme Inspired #1 Marie Curie

The first  B A D A S S  member of the Ace & Spade Co. Femme Inspired Collection is Marie Curie.   Let's start wit...

Femme Inspired

This is a collection of the women highlighted as part of the Femme Inspired Collection. They are important women in h...
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